Old car in Havana

Cuba Southeast City Tour

Trackfellas presents you the best travel routes worldwide. Our next trip brings us to the fast changing socialistic island Cuba! Guiding you on your way from old colonial Havana towards the southeast to Santiago de Cuba.



Name: Nika Age: 25-35 from: Hamburg , Germany
Skills: Globetrotter, Submitted Routes: 1


Travel Route

Key Facts

Type: Individual Trip
Date: 03.04.2015 - 21.04.2015
Duration: 18 days
Weather: 20 - 30°C, dry and sunny weather
Activities: Nightlife, Eating, Relaxing, Sightseeing, Culture
Terrain: Island, Beach, Nature, Mountains, Urban
Safety: Cuba is quite a safe country for travelers, however keep an eye on our belongings
Number of travelers: 2 (Friends)
Required travel skills: Easy
Trip possible for: family; single woman; older traveler
Total cost on-site: 750 € (Traveling with another person helps to save money as you can share transportation and accomodation)
Accommodation category: Middle-class (AC, TV, private bath)
Total distance: 2000 km
Main transportation: Taxi (1300 km), bus (700 km)


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